Friday, 21 December 2012

Majorca - last part

A storm last night - but calm today. Sadness, as we were getting close to going home. We decided to spend some time at Cala Figuera again, maybe do some more snorkeling. First, Sue wanted to see this beach - Formentor. To be honest, I wasn't that impressed. It had a massive car park to it though, so I must be in the minority?

After looking around there, we went back to the car and drove a little further to the small car park above Cala Figuera. We'd had a bit of a storm overnight and, although dry now, the sky still showed cloud, and the sea still had some action it it. We could see the white horses on the rocks as we topped the rise to the cove.

A short video showing the rough sea.
We decided to occupy a small 'shelf' that someone had constructed. I'd been in with the snorkel, but the sea was quite 'soupy' close in, so it wasn't as good as in past days. However, these two young guys appeared, got ready, and set off to do what looked like a bit more serious snorkeling - they were carrying spear guns!
And they were towing one of those buoys to let surface traffic (WHAT surface traffic???) know they were below. 
This was where we settled. The sky was clearing, and it was nice and warm, about 25C, I'd say. It was a reading and sunning day.
Mind you, if there's water, Sue is always in there. This was nowhere NEAR rough enough to put her off.
But for lily-livered me - it looked a bit 'fizzy' around the edges.
Now, where's my book?

On our previous visit, this was like a mirror, but it was nice to see it in a different light.

Sue, just before she lost the snorkel! It just dropped off, and she couldn't find it, despite searching. As it was our last day, it didn't really matter.
Sue gets dried off, and the lads are back with a cache of fish, mainly baracuda, they had speared.
They began to make a fire, and enlisted Sue to search for bits of kindling, which she gladly, and ably, did.

They gutted and filleted the fish expertly, got the fire going and hung the fish to smoke and cook.
When it was cooked, they shared it with us. It was lovely, and we were amazed to think it was swimming less than half an hour ago!

All too soon, it was time to head back. We could hear the crickets making noises in the undergrowth, and I managed to get this picture of one before it hopped off.
The picnic clean-up brigade were on hand to see if we'd left anything.

Back at the hotel, our favourite barman rustled up a couple of farewell cocktails for us.

Next day, all packed and ready, we were picked up and taken to Palma airport. We both agreed we LOVED Majorca, especially Puerto Pollenca, and would be back very soon.
We left on a clear, warm day. This was our parting view of the island.

Some beautiful cloud formations on the way back made for some nice pictures. I never tire of looking out of a plane window, that's why I prefer to fly during the day.

We saw the green of the Peak District below us, and knew we were close to home.

At the airport, we saw the 'Beluga', an airbus used to transport huge wing sections around the world to be assembled. It is such a weird looking thing.

So, just winter to face now before we get chance to go somewhere warm again.
I hope you've enjoyed this photo journal of Majorca. If you want to look at it from the beginning, part one is here;

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