Thursday, 21 November 2013

Majorca 2013 - the coastal boat trip & Formentor beach, part four

Here she is – our ‘ride’ for the morning! The glass-bottomed boat that would take us on a trip around the rocky coast to Cala Sa Vicente.
This was one of our ‘must do’s’, as we’d been thwarted by the weather and lack of numbers last year. Today, it was perfect, BUT as this boat holds 250 people, numbers were critical, as he wouldn’t go out without a minimum number (30, I think). Being the end of their season, this was a big ask.
We had our tickets, but no-one was allowed to board. We stood patiently on the quay, hoping that enough people would turn up.

As the group grew slowly, all of a sudden were were bade to get on board – YES!

The tranquil harbour and perfect sky. We all, the few of that there were, took our seats. The engines throbbed and we pulled slowly out of the mooring.
See here;
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At first, it was a slow ride, as the boat is restricted in the harbour.

Looking around at the landscape, we recognised several points, this one being the tower on the top of the ridge to Cap Formentor.
More about that later!

Oooooo! a HUGE, what – hotel.......complex.......What?
The driver of the boat told us it belonged to ONE man. He owned that whole peninsula, and it looked opulent to say the least.!
The gardens were landscaped right down to the sea, and on the far side, he had even ‘quarried’ the rock face to build his own beach.
Money, it seems, is absolutely NO object here.

WHAT recession???

Evidence of just how close we were to not setting off this morning.
Lots and lots of empty seats.

Our driver.

We reached open sea, and swung wide of Formentor beach. 
On the trip out, we went fast and wide.

The famous lighthouse at Cap Formentor. Last year we had two amazing times here, one evening to watch the sun set, and back the next morning to watch it rise again.
You can see those pictures here;
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The harsh volcanic landscape towards Cala Sa Vicente came into view as we rounded the headland of Cap Formentor.

Some of the strata was almost like an art gallery, with weird shapes and convolutions.

WHAT a view – this boat trip was certainly living up to all our expectations.

One very happy man.

And his very happy lady :-)

This was deliberate by the driver – giving us this far panorama. He would do just the opposite on the way back.
This boat trip cost us 36 Euros each, and we considered it money VERY well spent.

We approached the first of the three bays that make up Cala Sa Vicente, and the driver moved closer to the cliffs so we could see the ‘perched populous’.
From this angle, you can REALLY see how ‘epic’ these constructions are!

The boat anchored up in about 9 metres of water, and a ladder was lowered into the sea.
Sue was into her costume and over the side as fast as she could. With the water being deep, I expected it to be cold, but she said it was JUST like the beach – really warm.

So – there was only one thing for it (who needs steps)???
This was something I‘d ALWAYS wanted to do – (tick).



Is that a mermaid?

In her element – Sue LOVES water, especially the sea.

After about half an hour, we weighed anchor and set off at a REALLY fast pace.
It was exhilarating, and made for great shots of the boats signature on the sea.
You can see a video of the pace here; Click HERE

Now for the coast-hugging trip back, with stops.!!

Cala Figuera - GREAT snorkelling here!

Heading for El Colomer rock - see what happened next, click HERE

That was a TIGHT SQUEEZE!!

Aghast at the views above.

Holes and gaps created during the volcanic creation of the island.

This 'eyehole' looks really strange!

The boat swung into Formentor bay and slowed. A quick about-turn and we docked for 2 1/2 hours.

Some good sandy beach here, so reading and lazing about in the warm sun was the order of the day.

 But first - a nice bottle of rose - cheers :-)

Lovely, warm, calm water with lots of fish to see.

After a really good laze about (well, you HAVE to, don't you?), the boat rang the bell to tell us it was time to board again.
Looking out from the glass bottom of the boat.

Passing under the cliff house.

All that - BUT are they HAPPY????

(I suspect they just MIGHT be) 

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