Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Majorca 2013 - settling in & Cala Boquer, Part one

We decided to go back to Majorca again this year, as we had had a hard Summer, and just wanted a 'no-brainer' where we could feel comfortable right away. We arrived early at Manchester airport. We managed to get a window seat, then once we’d boarded, realised it was over the wing (those ticket staff must really get a buzz out of disappointing people who ask for a window seat).
Anyway, as it transpired, it didn't really matter, as it was cloudy all the way, so no views to speak of.

It got a little better as we approached Majorca. Some very exciting views of the cliffs and this spit of land poking out into the sea.

 Looking out on our final approach.
 Plenty of cruise ships in at Palma today.

Then, before we knew it, we were down and transferred to our hotel (Puerto Azul). We stayed here last year, and liked it so much, we decided to come again.
We weren’t disappointed, as it was as good as we remembered, but the stars of the show are their staff. Remarkably friendly, and yes, they remembered us :-)

The first couple of days were quite cloudy, still very warm though, so tee shirt and shorts were the order of the day.

Nothing we love better than a jug of sangria and a balmy evening.
Today, we had both.

It was good to re-acquaint ourselves with Puerto Pollensa, such pretty streets and cafes.

Later on, we walked along the pine walk to the Cafe Daina, where we were thrilled to see the guitarist Mariano Miranda.
He is skilled to say the LEAST! We only got to see him the once last year, but this time we made sure we saw him both times he was there.
You can see him performing on these YouTube links;

The next day was again warm, mid upper twenties, and the sky less cloudy with lots of blue.
We decided to take a walk to Cala Boquer, where I fell in love with snorkelling last year.

It’s a very pleasant and easy walk (note; Sue is wearing sandals).
 In less than thirty minutes, we were in paradise!
The water was a little choppy, it’s usually like a mirror, but that didn’t put us off.

It was a beautiful azure blue, and Sue wasted NO time in getting in.

 Straight in, as the temperature was really nice. No shock as you walked in at all.

Small (and sometimes large) boats were often seen in this bay, as it’s a favourite of many for a stop-off to swim and picnic.

Now, I’m not sure if this little chap had a bite, and was in no hurry to find out!

Earlier in the year, we’d been to Fuerteventura, and noticed LOADS of this ‘rock balancing’. Now, here was an example that was definitely not here last year.
We were to see lots more of it on this visit to Majorca. I’ve no idea why it has become so popular, all of a sudden?

Nature has its own stab at being better than the balancers.

After a lovely time swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling, we made our way back in the early evening light, with the island of El Colomer glowing in the sun.

 Witchcraft?? This dried out goat kid was on a rock at the side of the path.

These eye-catching red and black berries were in abundance.
 We spotted an adult goat above us on the rugged skyline. (Click on the picture for a larger version)

You can see the strong shadows, but the sky looks VERY angry this evening. We wondered if we’d get a storm later.

 The clouds were gathering over the bay too.

Even in October, the flowers here are lovely. these ones were everywhere.

It seems one colour isn’t enough – it HAS to be two!

Again, we decided to take in the evening with a stroll down the pine walk to the harbour.
The evening light was picking out boats in a very special way.

 Some of the rays were amazing.

Yachts as white dots.

We watched the last rays of the sun in the balmy evening before making our way to ‘Bar Bony’, one of our favourite bars.
The guy is an absolute eccentric, but HIS is the busiest bar in the port square, so he’s doing something right.
The cocktails are HUGE, and the place is filled with little jokes, like the toilets saying GENTS on the outside door, then LADIES on the inside one (and vice-versa in the ladies).
The bar clock goes BACKWARDS, and the hand towels in the toilets are about five feet up the wall :-)
The opening times are stated as 11:58AM to three minutes past midnight.

A couple of these cocktails made us sleepy, so we meandered slowly back to the hotel through the quiet, safe streets of Puerto Pollensa

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