Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Majorca, the sunset, part seven.

As we left Deia and started the search for the ideal place to view what looked like a great imminent sunset, due to the clear skies and clarity of the air, I remembered a cafe we visited last year, only it was mid-day then.
Would it have a good view?

We reached it in good time, and this was the view over the Soller valley from the balcony restaurant.

 Sue sits, bathed in the dying rays and waits for the show to begin.

Long shadows and the promise of a good evening. We almost had the place to ourselves!

NOW it was getting good – yellow light covered the whole place and made everything look like it was made of gold.

Our food arrived, again described as a ‘snack’, it was quite substantial!
The ubiquitous sangria made a fine accompaniment.

The edge of the sun hits the horizon.
A more perfect situation, I really can’t imagine.
(If only the waitress had used the flash) 

A little tuition, and THERE you go!

 As we were out of season, there were just four other people there to watch this spectacle.
But, through my lens, you can enjoy it too.

The last edge slips away – now the fireworks should begin!

See the video of the incredible red horizon here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1B_sinsfqI
A long exposure shows Port de Soller in the gloaming.

Here we go – time for a red overdose!

We almost felt like we were breathing red air.

A wisp of cloud accentuates the show.

What a great way to end an evening. The waitress took our picture with the red glow dying behind us.

The last shot, fantastic blue hue of the night sky, running through to red as the sunset ebbs away, the lights of Port de Soller dotting the darkness.

A steady drive home with the warm glow of our evening to remember followed. We stopped off at a couple of places where the views were good, but the light was VERY low, so photo’s were disappointing. We also watched bats flying in and out of the road tunnels, and heard little animals rustling in the undergrowth (at least – I HOPE they were little) :-)

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