Sunday, 15 December 2013

Majorca, Deia, part six.

After driving by what looked like a lovely town last year, Deia was also on our ‘must do’ list. This small, but stunningly beautiful town was a favourite with the stars. Some names dropped included Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, Andrew ‘lord’ Lloyd-Webber, and many more. We were about to add OUR names to the list.
I was feeling a lot better today, and even ate a small breakfast. We set off fairly early to make as much of the day as possible.
The drive to it is a delight, and we just HAD to stop at this marked viewpoint, Mirador de casa nova, where there was this little shop built into the rocky face. It even had solar panels for power.

Across the road was the de Casa Nova viewpoint, this was the view.
You can click here to see a movie panorama;

Smile please :-)

After enjoying the near-perfect views, we pressed on along the twisting road to Deia.
Lots of stunning scenery and landscape around us.

As the name says...........

The reservoir was somewhat down, but the colours were AMAZING!

Soon, we began to lose height. This is looking down on Soller.
We had explored this place last year (and had some of the nicest ice cream ever, plus we took the tram to Port de Soller) so today we stayed high, didn’t lose any more height, and kept on to our goal – Deia.

Here is the jewel we sought. Built on hills, it’s just too beautiful for words. Every nook asks to be explored. Today, we intended to tick some of these nooks off, but first – just WHERE to park??? The whole place, although fairly quiet, was ‘parked up’. As we were in a little Fiat, I found a tight corner to squeeze into, and we set off walking in the now hot sunshine.
You can see a panorama of the town by clicking here;

We just ambled around, checking out the shops and cafes. We could see the interesting-looking little church on top of the hill, so wound our way through the tiny back streets and climbed towards it.
If you were thirsty on your climb, there was this strategically placed water stop.

This little shop had obviously had some bad feedback on Facebook!

No traffic at all, and just the odd resident or two smiling out of windows. This was a real paradise and we could see why so many people, famous and otherwise, were attracted to its serenity.
As we neared the church, we came across these imposing canon, pointing out over the surrounding hills.

We quietly entered the church, overwhelmed by the reverence in the air.
You can get a feel of it on this video;

After that, we wanted to get some lunch (and have a swim). We’d heard how good (albeit expensive) the beach cafe was at Cala de Deia, so we set off to walk down.
We had seen notices that there was ‘limited parking’ at the bottom of the road, but judging by the town, parking would be at a premium today! Anyway, the sign said it was only 45 minutes walk. Mind you, it really was hot today – probably the warmest day so far, in the high twenties.

There was quite a bit of shade from the brush at the side of the path, so we got to the bottom quickly. It struck me that the steep walk back up would be far less comfortable though, if the heat kept up.
When we got to the bottom – you guessed it – there were LOADS of free parking spaces! Oh well, good exercise and all that.
The houses down here were few and exclusive, land was at a premium.

Then the beach opened out. Not sandy at all, but somehow we could see why it was so popular. It had an air about it, and it was a little sun trap. The ramshackle-looking place on the left is the ‘famous’ cafe where you could easily rub shoulders with any number of famous people.

It was quite busy too. No draught beer here, but VERY chilled bottles.

The food, even though we were a captive audience, was superb. This was just a light salad, but we were seeing some delicious looking plates of fish going out to neighbouring tables.

Lots of people lay on the flat slipway to soak up the sun. (Also, to be close to the bar).

After our riposte, it was time for a swim.

We picked our way over the rough beach and found a spot we could sit in relative comfort.

Now then – that water looks lovely.

Warm as you like, and once in, a joy to swim in.
Sue and I spent a long time here, and had several swims in the almost therapeutic-feeling water. Maybe that’s why it’s so popular, despite having no sand?

After several relaxing hours, we reluctantly left Cala de Deia and made our way back to the car. The sun WAS still extremely warm, and the stiff climb made us sweat.
Before long though, we reached the top. Gazing around at this stunning village, we felt totally relaxed and SO glad we had devoted a day to it. 

I still think we could come again and explore the streets more than we did, but for today, we were happy with what we’d done.
You can see a video sweep of Deia here;

We turned the car around, and made our way back. Still light, it struck me that, as we were on the ‘right’ side of the island, we should seek out a good spot to witness a sunset.
With such a clear evening, it could be a good one, but where to go????
Watch this space! 

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